Friday, January 27, 2012

Digital Paint Workflow: A Loris Attacks Video Tutorial

A total beginner to the concept of digital painting?  An experienced veteran with years of professional experience?  This video tutorial offers a buffer for the new digital artist and a fresh perspective for the veteran.

The painting I will be using is one I have been working on for Kimberly Kinrade of Evolved Publishing.

It is for a children's book called Maddie World which is currently in the very early stages, so you are offered what amounts to a sneak preview of the flavor so far.  Maddie World is book three of a series of books I have illustrated called the The Three Lost Kids series; these books offer an unusual challenge as the style of the illustrations is not native to me.

Bella World (book two) is done and is going to be released soon, but you can see more examples of this art style in Lexie World (book one).

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Advanced Photoshop Workflow Tutorial
(by one of my favorite artists EVER!)

Thanks for watching and I hope it was both enjoyable and educational!
-Josh Evans


  1. Wow. Well done. Nice voice--very soothing, too :) You're whole presentation is like magic to me--super cool and I completely mystical to me. I admire people who have this crazy type of talent.

    I can draw a damn good stick figure :) You should see it. It's completely amazing.

    1. Kind words, I hope the video inspired you to give digital painting a whirl! :D

  2. You're really good at drawing!

  3. ....this is art?

  4. The definition of art is something people have debated about for centuries.
    Specifically, this is a commission I did for the third book in a children's fantasy series. It is quite stylized and outrageously vivid, yes. Is that what you were referring to?